Why Roof Shingles Are a Great Roofing Option

If you need a high-class roofing material for your house, you should give attention to modern roof shingles as an option. This material has certain advantages that cannot be found in other roofing options, and they are worth your attention.

a fairy house with a nice roofThe Way They Are Made

For example, some manufacturers make their shingles out of organic cellulose. In order to make roof shingles more durable, they coat it from all sides with special air-refined asphalt that contains polymer ingredients for special durability. There are no artificial colors in roof shingles. They cannot stand the impact of ultraviolet rays and soon lose their attractiveness. This feature of theirs is not compatible with the idea of a high-quality and lasting roofing material. Roof shingles are usually reinforced with mineral or basalt granules. High temperatures make asphalt softer, so in order to prevent sticking, manufacturers usually sprinkle them with usual silicic sand.

Their Reliability

Due to this fact, numerous customers are sure that shingles can flow or even fuse due to heat. This opinion is completely wrong because high-quality roof shingles used for industrial and residential roofing can bear heat that reaches up to 100°C and frosts up to -60°C. It makes roof shingles a perfect option for even the most severe climatic conditions.

Their Small Weight

Ceramic tiling or slates, which are often used for roofs of residential homes owing to their numerous advantages, have one serious drawback: they are very heavy. Though they are made out of natural materials, they contain heavy minerals and the weight of the entire roof can be quite significant for load-bearing parts of the construction. Roof tiles are special due to their small weight of only four kilos per square meter.

Perfect Insulation

Roof shingles absorb no moisture at all and are perfect in sound and warmth insulation. Even if it is raining heavily, such a soft roof will absorb all noises. In the winter, if your attic is insulated properly, the roof will give off no warmth. Due to its softness, this roofing material can be used on roofs of any shape. If your roof has high slopes and tiles fall off, roof shingles are a perfect option. At the same time, it can bear heavy snow loads without any harm.

Manufacturers of this material usually provide a warranty for about 60 years. It means that through this time, your roof will not fade away or let water and cold through. With the price they want for their shingles, it is one of the most cost-effective roofing options.

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