Customization and Lining of Trucks

Companies that are involved in handling and transportation normally use truck vehicles that are durable enough, but it is not the only characteristic that is taken into consideration. It also makes sense to reduce the weight of vehicles in order to make them more mobile and effective. This quality can be reached with the help of light materials like aluminum hat reduce the load on the most functional parts of vehicles. Development of aluminum trucks that can increase the useful load on account of reduction of the self-weight of a vehicle has lasted for many years. These trucks are especially useful for vehicles that work with full loads, like dumper trucks.Large orange truck

The Framework

Many companies has been developing such trucks recently and provided their clients with reliable constructions made out of hollow profiles and aluminum sheets. As a rule, service truck bodies come together with fitting details and necessary equipment that allows comfortable usage of these trucks. Items are usually customized in accordance to demands of clients or are based on existing modifications. The most popular dimensions are 7900х2500х1300 mm and more, depending on the type of a vehicle and its tasks. Vehicles that are supposed to carry heavy loads are usually equipped with trucks made out of profiled aluminum parts. Such trucks are constructed in a simpler way, because there is no welding required to keep the truck together. The advantage of such profiles is in the smooth surface both inside trucks and outside them. It allows easy cleaning and application of any images.

Truck Bed Lining

The way inner sides of trucks are worn out depends on the type of transported materials. In the course of experiments it was discovered that aluminum is very durable to wearing out. While steel surfaces are scratched by loads and corroded afterwards, the coat of oxides on aluminum remains in its place. In case it is necessary to transport items and materials that can have sharp edges, it is better to install a truck bed liner. These liners that consist of durable polymers can be used in any type of trucks. They are rather new at the market, but their functionality in comparison to old detachable plastic liners has acquired popularity. These liners are sprayed onto all surfaces of a truck, filling each gap and fastening each screw. The surface of such coating cannot be scratched; it absorbs noises and vibrations and makes the truck much more durable.

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