The Development of Cosmetic Dentistry

Sooner or later, all people come to a moment when they visit a dentist for something other than to save a tooth from ruination or reduce aches. Today, many people visit dentists in order to make their smiles look prettier. Now, there are new composite materials and new methods of orthodontic, surgical, and orthopedic treatment, a new era of dentistry has begun. More and more dentists are sure that dental treatment aimed at making teeth and the entire face look prettier is a large sphere of modern dentistry that needs further development.

The Principle of Natural Beauty

a dentist is showing something on a monitorSince antique times, the idea of beauty has always been connected to the idea of naturalness. That is why even with all those means and artificial materials, the main goal of aesthetic dentistry is to give people’s teeth a natural, lovely look. No good cosmetic dentist should advise patients to replace their natural teeth with artificial implants if these natural teeth are healthy enough. If there are no defects of a dentition and teeth are not ruined, in most cases it is only necessary to give them a thorough cleaning, remove dental deposits, and cure gum disorders. There are numerous available options like veneers that can cover stained, cracked, and colored teeth, but they are chosen to match the rest of natural teeth in the mouth as much as possible. If it is necessary to reconstruct a tooth, a dentist will always choose artificial materials that match the texture, color, gleam, and transparency of other natural teeth. The same can be said about artificial dentures.

How a Radiant Smile Is Made

Some dentists work as stylists. They create what is called a pretty smile, using all the parts of a person’s face that participate in smiling. People’s teeth have three frames: the first one is the face, the second one is created by lips, and the third one is gums. It is necessary to make these three frames match each other in the best possible way within the natural look of the face. While lips and the face are the field of cosmetic surgeons, dentists can undertake gums and teeth. Their goal is to restore teeth, make them sit firmly in their gums, and sometimes to correct the bite in order to create a radiant smile that will look pretty due to its absolutely natural shape. The way teeth are restored can even make a face look younger. Is this not a goal that numerous people pursue in our time-fighting epoch?

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