What Attracts Rats and Mice to People’s Homes

Often, humans and their activities are the main reason why their homes and food storages are attacked by rodents. They are usually attracted by piles of rubbish located beside inhabited buildings, by homes, or food storages that are dirty enough. Places where rodents can find food remnants are the best for these pests. That is why they propagate actively in areas where rubbish is not removed regularly. The largest populations of rats and mice can be found in the countryside, outside large cities where junkyards are located and in sewages. These are areas where rats and other rodents turn into an extremely durable enemy that cannot be fought. The only way to reduce their population in cities and inhabited buildings is to call a service like Bakersfield pest control or similar ones. They can poison pests or repel them with the help of special devices.

Where They Can Be Found

A crossed out black ratAs a rule, rats and mice attack the ground floors of tall buildings, cellars, and ventilation systems, food storages, and lofts. One of the main troubles is the ability of these rodents to get through concrete walls and bricks. They can swim in drainpipes and get into people’s homes. It is not only unpleasant; it can also cause a lot of dangerous diseases. There is no need to name all of them; it is enough to remember where these beasts live and the disgusting things they touch with their paws.

How Ultrasound Repellents Work

If you are not a professional exterminator but want to get rid of these dangerous animals, you should avoid poisons. They are very toxic for people, too, so it is a bad idea to endanger your pets and kids that might taste the poison. You should use an ultrasound repellent. These devices come in different forms, but some of them seem to be really effective. For example, they are plugged in and these repellents give their ultrasound frequency to all cables hidden in the walls. You will not hear or feel them, but rats will. They will feel strange fear and a very distinct desire to leave. This method will not make you have to walk around the house picking up the dead bodies of your enemies. They will leave safe and sound, but without any desire to return. What you should do next is create the most unfavorable conditions for another attack of new rodents that may also like your home.

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