Wales: Castles to Visit and Nature to See

Wales is one of the four main administrative regions of the United Kingdom. This region is one of the most well-developed industrial centers that is rich with natural resources. Still, the main wealth of this land is its uniquely beautiful nature and numerous places of historical interest.

Places of Unique Natural Beauty

It is enough to say that the fifth part of the land is occupied with national parks or, as local people say, regions of unique natural beauty. They include the Gower peninsula which is a real gold mine for lovers of beach rest, surfers, and kayakists. Surfers and windsurfers are mostly interested in the Llyn coast that is an ideal place for active rest. Chalk cliffs that surround the coast of Anglesey Isle are extremely popular with alpinists. Tourism in Wales is not the main part of the national economics, but more and more tourists come here every year. This tendency causes the development of hotels in Wales, some of them are just cottages lent by their owners to tourists from all around the world.

Sights Made by Humans

The country of Wales is also known as the castle capitalWales has a lot of interesting, lovely, and amazing places. Experienced tourists always recommend starting with ancient castles and monuments. These sights are reconstructed in such a way that they do not lose their ancient look and the spirit of age. Still, they are surrounded with a perfectly tuned infrastructure, and this detail adds to their beauty. An ancient castle that towers over a lively modern city is a charming a surrealistic picture. Wales has numerous museums that attract visitors with many pictures painted by genius artists, ethnographic exhibitions, historical items, and so on. It is necessary to mention that Wales can boast of the highest density of castles and fortification buildings in the entire world. Besides that, there are many churches and cathedrals that were built many centuries ago. There are cities and settlements that emerged around ancient churches in the Middle Ages. Churches and temples are built not just at any suitable place. People who built them believed that these are places of a sacred power that lasted from the times of druids.

Sights Created by Nature

Natural wonders can be seen from any high point in Wales. Endless meadows spread over to the horizon alternating with hills that look like still waves. Thick forests ad groves climb mountains. All these are natural sanctuaries, places that can show the nature of this land just like it used to be hundreds and thousands years ago.

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