The Art of HDR

Remember the days long past when photography was a form of art that very few people could practice. Nowadays, when you see the first cameras in museums, you can’t keep from being awed by the technological progress that brought us modern photographing devices. And when you look at the quality of old photos and compare them with the digital pictures of today, your astonishment will only increase.

Don’t forget that technologies evolve all the time. This means that the quality of the images one can capture on camera only gets better. These days, even people who do not possess any remarkable talent in photography can create amazing pictures using some hi-tech devices and special methods of shooting.

The latest development in this field was the creation of High Dynamic Range photography (HDR). This innovation has taken this method of capturing the world on paper one step closer to perfection.

Beautiful landscape photoExplaining the mechanics behind HDR will take quite a bit of time and will require a person’s understanding of some photography basics. If you are interested in learning how to use this amazing technique properly, go to This way you will be able to find out what kind of equipment you will need to create some amazing HDR shots.

HDR was invented in order to give people a chance to create amazing detailed pictures regardless of the lighting. In its core lies compiling of several shots of the same composition taken under varying settings of exposure.

If you have been into photography for some time, you can understand how the exposure limits you. When there is only one setting available, some parts of the picture won’t be as pronounced as you might have liked. The invention of HDR technology made this problem disappear. Now you can take several shots with different lighting settings and combine them in such a way that only the best parts of all pictures will be used. As the result you get a perfectly vivid image full of colors.

HDR pictures can be truly amazing, even when taken by an amateur. However, this doesn’t mean that professional photographers will become obsolete. Despite the fact that almost everyone can make a good image with this technology, it takes real talent to create an outstanding picture. When a true photo-artist uses HDR, the image he or she creates usually looks so real and perfect that you won’t be able to tell that there were some special techniques used to produce it.

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