Is Your Home Insulated Properly?

It’s unbelievable, but a lot of people don’t even realise that if they have their houses insulated properly, their heating bills would be up to 50% cheaper. In addition to that, they could seriously contribute to the carbon reduction programme, which goal is to slow down global warming processes. So, instead of turning up your boiler, have a look at what else you can actually do to lower your bill payments.

First of all, check for the gaps around your doors and windows. Make sure they close tight enough to keep warmth within the house. If there are problems with that, then try to seal them. You can seal the door by simply sticking special sealant strips around its frame. It is easy to do and you can buy the strips at a local building shop. If the door has a letter box hole, fit it with a special brush trim. This will stop warm air from escaping through it.

If you’ve got old wooden windows, they are very likely to be unreliable. You can seal them too, but it would be even better if you change them for the plastic ones. They will never need sealing, and the house will become incomparably warmer.

Another very effective way to get your house warmer is to insulate your attic. You can do that on your own. The only thing is that there is a loft insulation guide to follow. For example, you should always leave approximately 2 cm space along the underside of the roof uninsulated and must not cover electric cables and ventilation equipment. It’s advisable that you take this way seriously as a lot of warm air usually escapes through the ceiling.Insulated cavity wall detail

If you have a wooden floor, have a look if there are gaps in it. It’s very common for many houses. If you have such a situation, then you have to seal them. Buy a few tubes of special sealant and fill them. Just don’t forget to buy a special gun to do that. It should also be available at your local building shop.

If you have a wall in your house which is constantly cold, try to insulate it. Just build the wooden frame about 15 cm away from it, fill the space in between with insulation material and cover it with plasterboard. Actually, to have it done properly, you should have some decorating skills. If you don’t have them, call a painter. This job is not gonna be expensive anyway, but effect will be amazing.

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