Dental Compressors and the Most Important Characteristics of Theirs

In the dental practice it is very important to have everything sterile and clean. All those tools that touch patients’ mouth are able but must not transport bacteria and dirt. The same is with the air that gets into patients mouths from dental compressors.

What for the Air Is Needed

Let’s remember the vey process of filling teeth. The mouth is naturally wet and it is good for teeth and the mucus lining inside it. It is but not very good for the process of filling a hole in a tooth. Such holes are usually filled with special adhesive materials, which stick to the sides of the hole and stay there. It is very important to have these sides dry and clean, otherwise the adhesive will not get fixed. That’s why doctors always blow holes through with a strong flow of air before starting the filling. It is also very important to use special dental pumps that withdraw saliva. As a rule, all these functions can be found in one and the same dental compressor of a high quality. These devices are being improved constantly, so it is just reasonable to keep an eye on the latest news and newest inventions for them.

The Quality of Air

The air from dental compressors has to be very dry and free from any contaminations. This air is inhaled and everything it brings is swallowed by patients. If it is even a little wet or there are even the smallest drops of oil, chances that the filling will get stuck are very little. Besides that, all those additions are absolutely out of place in somebody’s mouth. So, it is necessary to be attentive to the quality of air given by such compressors and to repair or replace them with new oneswhen something goes wrong. All those devices have filters but they are different. It is better to choose the one that has more filters and in which they look more reliable.

What to Choose Best

Simple three toothThe assortment of such compressors is wide enough to choose the item that will suit the requirements and budget of a particular doctor or clinic. Just like any other healthcare appliances, these compressors should be bought only from the most reputable retailers. They have to be warranted and certified, and it is also a great thing when the provider undertakes servicing them technically.

It’s a good idea to pay attention to other technical characteristics of such devices. For example, the level of noise means a lot. A loud device can be very unpleasant for patients and absolutely maddening for the dentist and assistants who spend a lot of time beside it.

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