Feast Customs, Traditions and Celebrations

organize a great partyModern holiday traditions all over the world ascend high to our ancestors’ customs and folklore. A national culture is an embodiment of memory of ancestors, which helps to feel the connection between generations and times, which gives vital and spiritual support. Generally speaking, holiday traditions and customs are aimed at transferring ancestors’ philosophy and a folk spirit to modern times.

For centuries people have been celebrating different significant events and dates via folk parties and feasts. Many years have changed many things, but the only thing has remained intact — the feast expectation… But nothing affects a celebration more than its origin and traditions of its emergence.

Holidays and Celebrations: The Great Variety

Despite the fact that most celebrations have preserved their historical roots and sometimes even gained even more precision of their traditions and customs of the past, the time has still influenced the calendar of holidays. A state government introduces changes to it annually, giving the festive status to formerly common days and renaming generally known and favorite holidays. This process is endless: some significant dates are being forgotten, whilst new official holidays substitute them.

By the way: there are plenty of unofficial holidays alongside with official ones, such as the international chocolate day, for example, and many others. As a rule, unofficial holidays appear in different public organizations, but there are also “spontaneous” holidays, which have no reason for appearing at all.

Holidays and Celebrations: Attributes and Bias

This is no secret that there are several basic reasons for a holiday to appear. Some smaller details are to be taken into consideration in order to feel the festive atmosphere. In this case, the history of holidays may be a helpful hint alongside with territorial customs and some other important aspects.

And, of course, different holidays have different attributes: flowers, clothes, holiday baskets usually full of different festive belongings, and, finally, the conviviality.

An important place belongs to festive bias, which is, in accordance to people’s opinion, needed to protect everyone from all the evil this day and later on. That’s why people get to certain rites, which become usual after ages of celebration; this way a festival rite appears. There is a saying like “different strokes have different folks”: this is also right for the mentioned above, because there are a lot of folks and tribes around the world, and they have plenty of customs, traditions, bias and rites.

The best way to respect them is just to study them thoroughly.

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