Learn How to Control Your Addiction

there are many addictions in modern worldAddiction is a cruel game in which we are involved because of our weaknesses. Actually, we become prisoners of our own mistakes and desires.After all, we want to survive in this world and not just to do that, but to get the maximum pleasure (joy, laughter, love, friendship, etc.) of this survival. But after getting a certain kind of satisfaction some of us become dependent. This usually happens because, when looking for some pleasure, some people start to use alcohol and drugs, hence they become addicted.

The first thing we should realize is that addiction is when a person is in the grip of something or is under someone’s control. It is also when a people ceases to be themselves and become a consequence of the impact of someone or something on them. For example, a man who tried drugs once becomes more addictive with every next use of it. Although everyone wants freedom! We want to have freedom of choice, freedom of action etc.

Dependency prevents people from working, relaxing, studying and leading a happy family life. Because they need to find and take drugs or alcohol, and if they don’t get them, they start to feel sick. They cannot possibly live without them. Addiction controls their actions and possesses the thoughts. Addicted people cannot keep a tight hold upon themselves, plan their lives and achieve their goals. And their only desire is just to satisfy their needs.

Because of the addiction many of us lose families, work, friends, good health, and peace of mind. It brings immense suffering to the person and his or her family, and leads to the death. Thus, it destroys human lives. But once you overcome it you realize what actually has happened to you and what dependency means.

But you can get rid of it as soon as you understand and eliminate the cause of it, but the main thing here is to do it correctly, because addicted people live in a distorted reality. And all this is caused by taking drugs and alcohol, as they change your mind and make you believe that the world is cruel, full of pain, betrayal and lie.

In fact, addicted people just punish themselves and throw themselves in a trap, the trap of lies. That is why it is important to make them believe that it is possible to change everything, and to help them make the right decision and overcome it.

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