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The Art of HDR

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Remember the days long past when photography was a form of art that very few people could practice. Nowadays, when you see the first cameras in museums, you can’t keep from being awed by the technological progress that brought us modern photographing devices.

The Role of Bracketing in the Creation of HDR Images

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Sooner or later, every photographer realizes that the quality of his or her pictures is far from perfect. Buying a reflex camera, we believe that everything will come up by itself. In some time, it becomes clear that this opinion is mistaken.

Feast Customs, Traditions and Celebrations

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Modern holiday traditions all over the world ascend high to our ancestors’ customs and folklore. A national culture is an embodiment of memory of ancestors, which helps to feel the connection between generations and times, which gives vital and spiritual support.

The Most Widespread Types of Marquees

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For sure, parties are great, but organizing them can be quite confusing and difficult with a choice that is available on the modern market. For example, we can remember balloons and other decorations.