8 Basic Oil and Gas Job Requirements

Skilled workers are in high demand when it comes to the modern oil and gas industry. Many companies need employees from all disciplines and trades to complete different projects from start to finish. Basically, oil and gas extraction involve a number of highly technical processes and modern equipment. Oil mining is all about detailed exploration, well services, drilling and updated techniques. This means that you require the right knowledge and training to succeed in this kind of career.

If you are not aware of where to get started, use all available resources and expert tips, such as the ones provided by Ivan Lasater. Do not forget that university degrees, high school diplomas and professional licenses can take you far in this industry. Think about attending special computer and science courses because they are quite valuable. That’s because the equipment used in this sector requires employees to deal with specific skills and processes.

Another helpful idea is to complete an apprenticeship because it can be your great way to join the modern oil and gas industry as a skilled employee. There are different skills that must be in place to enter this area successfully and benefit from its excellent offers.

  • Have a high school diploma, and specialized career options require a certain college degree.a man talking on the phone beside oil barrels
  • Be proficient in English, including speaking, reading and writing skills.
  • Excellent decision making and problem solving skills.
  • Know to plan and organize all kinds of oil and gas projects.
  • Computer literacy.
  • Deal with different documents, such as maps, directions and plans.
  • Math and science skills.
  • Be a good listener and have a mechanical aptitude.

Oil and gas companies may require a wide range of additional skills, like well auditing, financing planning, logistics, civil engineering, piping, power generation, and so on. For example, the ones that specialize in refining and extraction require qualified engineers, geoscientists, safety specialists, auditors, production managers, piping designers and others. The best thing is that most of them provide all new entrants with the right training. Oil and gas jobs can be on rigs, on short or offshore.

If you want to succeed in this area, you need to have good working ethics and do your best on site. Do not forget about your positive attitude and motivation, as you won’t be able to succeed without them. You need to learn and grow, be flexible, entrepreneurial and highly adaptable. Teamwork and collaboration also play an important role in your future career growth and success.

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