Everything about DUI Arrests and Charges

If you have to face DUI charges, you need to get more information about their ins and outs. Take time to prepare for future outcomes, trial and other procedures. This is when the importance of drunk driving lawyers should not be underestimated because they can either make or break your case. Make sure that you are dealing with someone credible, such as ariano reppucci pllc.

Basically, any DUI investigation can start in one of several possible ways.

  • You are pulled over by police officer for certain traffic violations.
  • You are stopped on the road because there is something wrong with your vehicle. For example, your headlights are damaged.
  • You are involved in a road accident.a woman arrested for dui

Police reports play in important role when it comes to DUI cases. They state a number of important facts, such as alcoholic odors, objective signs that you are intoxicated, and so on.

As soon as you are stopped by police officers, they will ask you to perform specific field sobriety and breath tests. They decide whether to arrest you for drunk driving based on the results they get.

You will be taken to a hospital or a police station to administer chemical BAC tests. This is how your current blood alcohol level is measured. You will have to wait for a few days to get their results. If they reveal that your BAC concentration is over 0.08%, you have big problems. Do not forget that DUI charges are associated with serious punishments, such as a jail sentence, community services, probation, fees, and so on.

You have your right to refuse from submitting chemical and other tests, but you will still be arrested for drunk driving. Keep in mind that there are other legal consequences related to your refusal, so consult with a legal professional to make the best decision. For instance, your refusal to pass such tests may result in suspending your driving license for one year or spending two days in a local jail.

Arresting officers fill out their reports and send them to local prosecutors for reviewing. Their main responsibility is to decide whether to charge you or decline. There are several available options that you have when it comes to representing a DUI case. You can do that on your own, find a public defender or hire a drunk driving lawyer. No need to say that the latter option is the most beneficial one, so take this step.

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