The Basic Stages Involved in Any DUI Trial

If you have to deal with a DUI trial process, do not forget that it involves several important stages. Many defendants avoid it because they agree on a plea agreement offered by prosecutors. This means that they admit their guilt trying to get a lighter sentence. You should familiarize yourself with trial procedures if you don’t want to take this step. Hire reliable Mesa drunk driving attorneys to increase your chances to win.

a)      Phases before a trial. As soon as you get arrested for committing this widespread crime, use your constitutional right and hire a lawyer. This is how you will learn more about charges and possible outcomes. Your legal representative will try to convince the jury that you are not at fault.

  • One of the basic processes is an arraignment. This is when your DUI charges must be read out loud in a court, and you get the opportunity to enter a plea.
  • You need to attend a special preliminary hearing, and prosecutors will provide judges with proofs to determine whether they are enough to convince of your fault.
  • Pre-trial motions are designed to help attorneys get DUI cases thrown out. They can object specific facts and test results to dismiss the charges of their clients.

b)      The DUI trial itself. It usually takes the course of other criminal trials. a person sentenced for driving while intoxicated

  • Everything starts with choosing the jury. As soon as they are establishes, your legal representative and prosecutors can provide their opening statement and proofs.
  • Prosecutors call their witnesses to give statements, and your attorney needs to cross-examine each one.
  • Drunk driving lawyers can file a motion trying to dismiss your case based on the lack of important proofs. If it is granted, you will be free. Otherwise, your attorney should call witnesses to be cross-examined by prosecutors.
  • As soon as both sides present their witnesses, legal professionals can deliver their closing arguments. The only thing that is left is to wait for a jury decision. You can be either found guilty or not guilty.
  • If your fault is established, you will have to face such penalties as expensive fines, probation, community services, jail sentences, drug or alcohol counseling, suspending your driving license, and so on.

It is obvious that dealing with these legal procedures on your own is a hard task because you do not have the necessary skill, experience and knowledge. Hire the best DUI lawyer who will help you manage them, protect your rights and get positive outcomes.

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