Main Features of Asphalt and Asphalt Driveways

Asphalt driveways are a popular residential and commercial option. Asphalt is reliable, durable and cheaper than concrete. a very big roadBesides that, all highways are paved with asphalt; isn’t it good enough for a small driveway beside your house? Still, with all their advantages, asphalt driveways need proper maintenance that will keep them attractively looking and properly functioning.

Fading, Cracking and Ruination

Asphalt cannot stay smooth and pit-black all the time. With years, the color will fade, giving way to dust, and the surface will become uneven or even cracked. What can be done in this case? Your driveway is prone to natural corrosion in any case: oil, sunlight, heat and cold, salt and water work well on asphalt surfaces. Their influence can be reduced with the help of special asphalt sealers. However, with time the ruination spreads, and in case you see that it occupies more than 25% of the surface, the driveway needs a serious repair.

Only Experts Can Do It Properly

Once you see a crack on your asphalt driveway, it is time to get in touch with local experts like Rowe Paving Company immediately. An atomic crack that is as thin as a hair will grow in a moment: in winter water that gets inside the crack will freeze and tear the material from the inside. Even in a warm region cracks should be repaired as soon as possible: being small today, tomorrow it will get a little wider due to the weight of your car and in a while you will discover a real catastrophe.

Every damage of the asphalt pavement should be examined by specialists. You can never know whether a patchwork repair will be enough to cope with the ruination. Everything depends on the condition of bottom layers and the number of cracks. In some cases it makes sense to remove the old pavement and repave the driveway anew: the cost of patchwork repair together with inevitable replacement in future will be bigger than replacement now.

Consider It Once More

You need to be very careful, choosing a pavement contractor. Some of them offer you remnants of asphalt they have after paving someone else’s driveway and promise discounts. No discounts are really worth it: the quality of that asphalt can be really miserable, while you will have to pay much more in order to maintain such a driveway. A good asphalt pavement is a sensible investment because a properly paved driveway can serve you for about thirty years without any need to be repaired.

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