Somatic Body Types and Possibilities of Gaining Muscles

It is not a secret that the results of trainings depend directly on the type of a person’s body. It does not mean that if you have some fat under your skin, you will have to spend more time in a gym than a guy who works on another machine next to you. It means that anybody can gain some fat, but the ways for losing it will be completely different for different people.

Three Basic Types

Three somatic body typesBasically, there are three main somatic body types: ectomorphs, endomorphs, and mesomorphs.  Ectomorphs are people of a slender build. They have short bodies and long arms and legs. Their hands and feet are long and narrow, and so are their shoulders and chests. Bones are rather thin and long, and so are their muscles. Mesomorphs are people of an athletic build: long bodies, broad shoulders, and thick muscles. This type is the best for doing bodybuilding; experienced athletes say that such people gain muscles due to just walking. Endomorphs are the sturdiest of the three. They are rather round in the face and body, with broad hips and thick thighs, short necks, significant deposits of fat and soft, and weak muscles.

Intermediary Types

There are practically no pure somatic types. The majority of people relate to an intermediate type. Specialists have developed a classification that involves 88 subdivisions, each of which is determined with a range of dominating characteristics. The features of each type in a particular body are estimated in accordance to a scale of seven points. For example, features of an ectomorph make 2 points, of a mesomorph make 6, and of an endomorph score 5. This results in an endomesomorph with strong, thick muscles and a tendency to corpulence.

How to Train Properly

From the point of view of a training process, loads should be different for each type, and each type needs a range of specific exercises. That is why before a person starts training, it is better to define a somatic type. There are numerous handbooks that help to do it. In some of them, people can also read about this nutrition program, a new development of a well-known bodybuilder, Kyle Leon. Knowing one’s body type allows reaching certain goals without exhausting the body with loads that give no effect. For example, an ectomorph will hardly become a power lifter, while endomorphs will cope with this task easily. Mesomorphs do not need to make much effort to gain muscles, the easiest task for ectomorphs is to create a relief, and endomorphs are amazing in becoming strong.

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