Migraines and the Effect of Chiropractic Treatment

Scientists and researchers have not yet found the reason why people suffer from migraines. Still, this disease is found in more and more patients of different ages and professions. As some specialists say, this disorder is often a consequence of constant nervous stress, anxiety, bipolar disorders, and other problems modern people have an abundance of.

a girl suffering from migrainesSymptoms of Typical Migraines

There are different types of migraines, but the main symptom is the same in all patients. This symptom is a stubborn headache that is concentrated in one half of the head and is accompanied with a range of additional symptoms like severe nausea that brings short-term relief, tremor of limbs, severe aches in eyes and visual hallucinations, disturbed sense of smell, ear noises, involuntary desires to clench teeth or fists orrub the face, etc. As a rule, people who suffer from migraines can be unable to work and lead a normal life from several hours to several days. Many patients notice disturbed mental abilities even when the fit is gone; this health condition often remains for several days after an attack. Effective medications are quite hard to find, because their effect is utterly individual. Being still unsure about the nature of such headaches, scientists consider all medications effective if they can reduce the acuteness of migraine fits by at least 50%.

Chiropractic and Acupuncture

Still, there are other effective ways to cope with migraines. There are numerous acupuncturists and chiropractors Ogden, Salt Lake City, or Sandy who claim that they can cope with this disease with the help of their methods. Researchers do not object to the fact that migraines can be caused by spasms of blood vessels that bring blood to the brain, so it is necessary to look for reasons that can cause such spasms. It is very probable that people who suffer from migraines have disorders in cervical parts of their spine. Pinched nerves can easily provoke a spasm of big blood vessels and lead to a migraine fit. Chiropractors are the ones who can detect these pinched nerves and release them properly, without doing additional harm. Acupuncturists are the ones who can relax muscles with the help of their needles: too-tight muscles can also pinch nerves and blood vessels in the neck. In any case, neither chiropractic nor acupuncture can do much harm: instead, they will provide relaxation from everyday stresses and prevent the appearance of another migraine attack.

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