Implantation of Teeth through Centuries and Now

Dentistry today observes a new tendency that is called “implantation cult”. Unfortunately, even taking the best care of teeth cannot guarantee their safety in separate cases. With age, or due to uncontrollable factors, people often postpone treatment until it becomes impossible or useless. In this case it makes sense to consider implantation. Yet, what should be done to make an implant settle down in one’s jaw? How does it keep the natural look of one’s smile? Indeed, implantation is the most effective way to restore a damaged tooth effectively. Dental implants can be used in case molars are missing, the denture is seriously damaged, or there are no teeth at all.

Antique and Medieval Tooth Implants

We are used to the thought that implantation of teeth is a modern technology, invented and developed in recent decades. Still, archeologists have proved that artificial teeth appeared much earlier than we can imagine. Thousands of years ago people used artificial teeth made of gold wire. Such implants, or rather replacement teeth, were found in Egyptian mummies. Romans used iron implants, and in the Middle East they were made of ivory. In the 16th century people had numerous methods of replacing missing teeth with other ones, taken from people, animals, or made of precious metals and gems. However, there was no success: new teeth were never accepted by the human body, causing severe inflammations and festering.

Parts of a dental implantHow It Happens Now

Today all medieval dreads are gone, as implants are made of titanium alloys. They are biologically inactive, so the body does not reject them. Besides that, the methods of insertion and types of implants are so diverse that it is possible to avoid complications even with the thinnest bones.

Modern implants look like a screw made out of titanium, which is inserted into the bone to work as the root of a healthy tooth, and a crown that works as a natural tooth. Implants are inserted thoroughly and fastened tightly, in order to cause no discomfort and perform all the necessary functions of natural teeth.

Advantages of Modern Dental Implants

It is quite clear now why these artificial teeth have become so popular with patients of dental facilities. They look just like the missing teeth, their color is selected carefully to match other teeth, and their shape is as close to the natural one as possible. When implants are installed, there is no need to grind away at nearby teeth. Upon the whole, the procedure of installation is quite painless and quick.

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