Why It Is So Important to Sort Garbage

Pollution of the environment with solid waste leads to violation of ecological balance not only in separate regions, but all around the globe. So, there is nothing special in the fact that numerous countries have already become concerned with the problem of utilization of waste and its recycling. As scientists have already calculated, the share of garbage that is due to each person in the world makes about a ton per year. If the garbage, collected within a year, was not destroyed but put into one pile, the pile would be as high as Elbrus. It is clear now why the matter of garbage recycling is so acute today.

Separate Bins

One of the main problems with everyday garbage is the fact that people rarely take trouble to sort it out. They often collect a single bag and throw it away into a general bin that contains the same bags. As a result, all this gets to a junkyard or to a factory that destroys garbage. Of course, nobody will sort it out there; all the garbage is utilized in the same way. So, instead of hiring the same roll off dumpsters Louisville or Newburg or elsewhere, it is better to install several separate containers that are meant for collection of different types of garbage. This recommendation does not mean that such solutions were not already launched: in spite of their existence, some people keep on throwing their waste into the same pile.

How to Sort Garbage Out

For a better effect, containers should be painted with different colors. For example, a grey one for paper waste, a yellowurns for garbage sorting one – for glass, and green one – for organic waste that can be recycled into fertilizers. It is very important to separate technical waste like batteries or small devices. They should not be utilized with other garbage, because plastic, metal and other substances that can be found in them are extremely harmful for the environment.

Plastic and polyethylene should not be thrown away with other garbage, because it cannot decay in a natural way, it pollutes the environment, while it is possible to recycle it and save the nature. Food remnants, fallen leaves, grass, cellulose (paper towels and napkins) should be utilized together. Yet, white paper and carton need other recycling conditions, so they should be collected in a separate bin. Glass should be kept separately from all other types of rubbish. Metal and plastic packages that can be recycled need special containers, too.

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