Why Do Vets Charge So Much?

One of the main concerns of pet owners when it comes to their little friend’s health is the cost of the veterinary services. Many of them are quite shocked when they see the bill from their vet, and they start thinking that they were taken advantage of. Many people come to believe that modern veterinarians are overcharging for their services with the sole purpose of making more personal profit. But is this really so?

Let’s consider what expenses an animal hospital Columbus has:

  • First and foremost come the employees’ salary. The necessity of these expenses cannot be argued, because if people don’t get any money, they won’t work. Thus, no one will be there to help your pet when the need arises. Of course, the size of these salaries is what makes many people skeptical about this expense. Some may think that veterinarians get too much for their services. However, these people usually have no idea about what it takes to become a licensed DMV (Doctor of the Veterinary Medicine) in America. In order to be legally allowed to practice as a vet, a person has to graduate from a licensed veterinary school (there are only 28 of those in the country, thus there is never enough space for all aspiring vets). To be accepted into said school, a student must have a college credit equivalent of a four year Bachelor of Science with an average grade point of 3.4 or higher. All applicants also need to pass an oral exam and have over 3000 hours of volunteering or working in the veterinary industry. After a student graduates, he or she must pass federal and state licensing exams before being officially allowed to become a practicing vet. This insane amount of work alone proves that skilled vets don’t get their money for nothing.

A vet with dog and cat

  • Another major expense in a modern clinic is the cost of equipment and supplies. If you do some online research, you will see that the tools necessary to diagnose and treat your little friend cost tens of thousands of dollars. Of course, the clinic has no choice but to cover their price in the bills.
  • Rent, electricity, water, gas, taxes and all other payments that every facility needs to make on a regular basis.

This list isn’t complete, but even these expenses should be enough to point out that veterinary clinics charge high fees not because they want to make insane profits. Thus, next time when you visit a vet, think about all the things you actually pay for.

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