Why It Is So Important to Discover Arthritis Early

Arthritic disorders are very unpleasant and dangerous for their owners. They can cause deformations of joints, extremely limited mobility of the body or separate limbs and very strong pains. There is a range of symptoms that can sign to a starting inflammation in joints. The first and most important step in curing arthritic diseases is diagnosing them timely. So, if you have one or several of the following symptoms, you should turn to a doctor immediately:

-          Signs of an infection like sickness and lack of energy, high temperature, rash, aches in muscles;

-          Affection of a nerve like severe pains after a trauma, disturbed sensitivity in a limb or its limited mobility;

-          Symptoms of an inner fracture of a joint like acute, sudden, practically unbearable pains in a joint in motion, usually after a trauma; the sense of immobilized joints in the morning, constant cracking and squeaking noises in joints.

Sometimes one of the first symptoms of arthritic disorders is anemia. This disease is characterized with a reduced amount of red blood cells or hemoglobin in blood. It means that tissue andpain in a leg organs have not enough oxygen that should be brought there with blood. So, if doctors suspect anemia, it is necessary to find out where it comes from. Aches, limited mobility, swelling in any joint, neck or the lower part of the back should be a reason to see a doctor. In case the disease is neglected, it can cause irreversible damage of joints.

Treatment Methods That Can Be Used

There are several therapies that are used in arthritic care. They involve medications, physiotherapy, exercising, massage, chiropractic, acupuncture and so on. Unfortunately, there are no effective means that can cure arthritis today. There are only means that can cope with its symptoms and reduce their negative effect on a person’s life. However, it relates mostly to osteoarthritis and rheumatic arthritis. Infections that cause similar health conditions can be fought with the help of antibiotics without special problems. What doctors can do to help their patients is to cope with pains and reduce inflammations, to slow down the process of development of the disease and avert deformation of joints. It is possible to improve mobility of joints with the help of an operation, in case it is the only possible way out, and keep joints working through the whole patients’ life.

It is also important that there is no universal treatment: each patient finds the most effective combination of means, because in some cases all of them are useless.

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