The Importance of Vets for Pet Birds

Having birds as pets can give their owners a lot of joy. Yet, as any living being, they need a great deal of care, attention, and treatment, if it is necessary. The smaller the bird is, the tougher it is to cure it. Exotic birds often suffer from unusual problems because each local virus or bacteria can be fatal for them; dramatic changes of temperature can cause pneumonias and other troubles. Inexperienced bird owners often feel frustrated when their lovely birds suddenly show signs of illness. These can be weakness, too much activity, loss of appetite, changes of voice, and other strange symptoms. It is good to have an ornithologist vet who can come and see the bird, treat the existing disorder, and prevent other ones.

Treating Birds

A parrot is sitting in a cageThe treatment of birds is a very complicated process because it is necessary to conduct not only an outer examination, but also to find out where the bird lives or used to live before, how and what it eats, and other details of its everyday life. In very serious situations, only experienced vets can say what the problem is. You need to remember that birds, unlike bigger animals, experience more serious stress if they are transported from one place to another. It means that by carrying the sick bird to see a vet, you will reach little success. In stressful situations, birds behave in a very disturbed way, scream, and toss, so it is hard to define the real symptoms. It is better to call your local Carmel IN vet to your place so he or she will be able to see the patient in usual conditions. In any case, even if your anxiety was groundless, the doctor will give you recommendations on how to take care of the bird to prevent diseases and to improve its health. In other cases, the vet will do some diagnostics and provide a treatment plan.

When Birds Need Vets

Vets are needed not only in case your bird is sick. Some parrots need vets’ help if their beaks and claws grow too long (they are grinded off in a natural way, if birds live in the wild, but can grow very long in the domestic environment and need regular cutting); if birds have problems with laying eggs. There are species of birds that have no gender features. In this case, nobody but a specialist will be able to determine the gender of your pet.

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