Factors That Can Cause Medical Malpractice and Negligence

Medical malpractice is a thing that cannot always be corrected or appealed. Incorrect diagnoses or treatment methods, improperly prescribed medications, or the negligence of healthcare workers can cause a tragedy. As you know, treatment procedures do not come with a warranty of safety and proper performance. It is the most direct duty of doctors, nurses, and assistants to perform all their actions in a proper way. If some of them are negligent or non-professional, many patients suffer. Some of them lose their health, others lose their lives. Surely, somebody should be responsible for all this. Claims lawyers file on behalf of their clients are not just a desire to make up the damage they have suffered. No money can be compared to the health these people have lost. In most cases, these claims are a way to prevent similar situations in future because some of these malpractices look almost like crimes

“Missed” Diseases

When patients come to hospitals, they do not even assume that there will be a mistake. Still, there are a range of diseases that are mostly unnoticed and neglected until it is too late. These are breast, lung, cervix, prostate, and ovary cancer, tuberculosis, diabetes, acute heart attacks, lung embolism, bacterial meningitis, appendix inflammation, and many others. If you click here, you can get to know more about personal injury claims people file in connection to improperly diagnosed diseases. By neglecting such disorders, doctors often sentence their patients to death.

The Factors

Physicians are preparing for the surgeryHowever, there are numerous factors that can explain mistakes and malpractice. It does not matter much whether the blame is on a separate doctor or the staff of the hospital in general, because such mistakes can cost people too much. These factors usually involve situations such as test results that are mixed up, doctors that are too tired due to work overload, and assistants and nurses that do not know the details of the disease or health condition the patient has. From the point of view of lawyers, a case of negligence of doctors towards their patients is an accident in which healthcare workers harm their patients neglecting their duties. It can happen at each stage of treatment: diagnostics, therapy, care after patients, etc.

As the National Patient Safety Foundation claims, nearly 42% of patients are sure that they have already suffered from medical malpractice or improper diagnostics. Sometimes incorrect and untimely treatment can be explained by the desire of doctors to save on diagnostics, examinations, or surgery their patients needed.

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