Is Dental Implantation Really That Painful?

Many people who need tooth implantation are afraid of this procedure because of possible pains during the procedure. Still, these fears are groundless. The anesthesia that is used nowadays allows for implanting teeth without a lot of unpleasant feelings. As a rule, dentists use local anesthesia. It is enough to cope with all pains that can show up during the procedure.

Types of Anesthesia They Can Use

A man and women with beautiful smilesAs you may know, general anesthesia can cause a range of negative side effects, especially for people with heart issues. That is why all doctors and dentists in particular try to avoid such a way of killing pain without a real need. Such a need can appear when it is necessary to conduct a range of long manipulations, for example, installation of many implants at a time. In this case, it is more comfortable for both patients and doctors to use general anesthesia. Sometimes doctors try to meet the demands of people with a low pain threshold. They use gas medications that cause minimal side effects.

If you turn to a dentist Raleigh North Carolina, you can ask for a so-called sedative type of anesthesia. This is not a drug that will make you sleep. You will feel sedated and calm with an absolutely clear mind. Your pain threshold will be much lower in such a state. This drug causes way fewer side effects than general anesthesia. It is possible to have even better results by combining sedative means and local anesthesia.

How to Cope with Post-Surgical Pains

Pains that appear after the operation when the effect of anesthesia fades are rare and not significant. There are numerous medications that can cope with these symptoms when they show up. It is very unlikely that there will be an infection after the surgery because all the tools and implants are sterile and the surgery is accompanied with a course of antibiotics. Still, if there is some inflammation, pains can get more acute. If your painful sensations are very acute, you need to turn to your dentist at once because this state of health is not normal after such a surgery.

Sensations after the Surgery Is Done

In most cases, patients say that there are two moments when they feel something like pain: when the anesthetic is injected and when its effect fades away. Immediately after the surgery, the jaw and certain parts of the face are totally numb. When the drug dissolves, there is an indistinct weak sensation reminding of ache and itching at once that passes in a couple of days.

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