How to Deal with Rats and Mice in Public Facilities

Rodents of many different types cause a lot of problems and troubles. They spread a lot of dangerous diseases. They can propagate not only in food storages where there is a lot of food for them, but also in such public places as hospitals, administrative, and office buildings. Of course, you can try to cope with their attacks on your own. For example, it is necessary to make these public places meet certain sanitary and hygienic norms. It means that there should be no food remnants in improper places. All storage rooms should be kept in order, clean, and tidied regularly. There are specially trained cats and dogs that can catch and kill rats and mice, but they cannot be kept together with children or sick people. Besides that, rodents are quite clever. They have been living beside humans for thousands of years and studied their habits well. They can tell poisoned baits from usual food remnants and will never touch milk that smells of a chemical means. This is the reason why they can be fought only with the help of a professional extermination service, like the ones that do Columbus OH pest control and others nationwide.

Types of Extermination

Deratisation can be both preventive and exterminating. Specialists recommend installation of fine metallic grills and meshes on passages that connect main rooms with lofts and cellars. The same meshes should be installed on ventilation openings. If it is not possible to deal with rats and mice with the help of preventive means, extermination allows getting rid of all rodents. In this case, other methods of fighting them can help. Professional exterminators use effective poisonous means, install special traps, and use effective ultrasound devices that scare mice and rats away.

How to Avoid a Massive Attack

Lots of rats and grainThe danger of rodents is in their ability to propagate very quickly. In order to stop their invasion effectively, it is necessary to control their population all the time. Extermination measures should become a regular practice, as the population can grow due to both propagation and new animals coming and joining the existing ones. It is also necessary to fight all the most favorable conditions that allow these animals to propagate: clean places where they can find food and shelter regularly, use preventive traps and invite exterminators from time to time. Only these means in a complex can fight rodents effectively and stop spreading their infections and dirt.

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