Things to Do and to Avoid before Laser Hair Removal

Diode lasers are able to heat and destroy cells that contain melanin. The ray runs along each hair from the end to the root and destroys the follicle in a moment. The procedure is absolutely harmless, practically painless and very effective. Though the effect can be seen at once, it is necessary to have several sessions that will remove all hair that grows not all at once. Besides that, old and thick hairs often grow again after the procedure, so their follicles should be processed again. The procedure has very few contra-indications and no side effects: there can be only a slight reddening that passes on its own without any special treatment in a few hours after the procedure. This side effect is a sign that hair follicles are burnt down effectively.

Things That Are Undesirable

So, if you have decided to resort to a local Columbus laser hair removal procedure, you need to be prepared. To start with, you should better avoid taking antibiotics or other powerful Portrait of a beautiful woman before a spa treatmentmedications within three days before the procedure or postpone it to another date. Keep away from drinking alcohol on the day before the procedure. If you suffer from herpes outbreaks from time to time, start taking antiviral medications several days before the epilation. Try to avoid tanning within the same three days before removing your hair; protect the skin with powerful sun-filtering creams. You can shave the areas you want to epilate: hair is not necessary for the procedure, but follicles will be visible in any case. It is very important to exclude all epilation methods save shaving within a month before laser epilation.


Laser epilation cannot be done in several following cases:

  •  It is ineffective for hair that contains no (grey hair) or practically no (blond hair) melanin;
  •  Laser hair removal cannot be done in case a person suffers from diabetes in the decompensation form or from several somatic skin disorders;
  •  Pregnancy is a relative contra-indication for laser hair removal;
  •  Antibiotics and other medications that influence skin are another reason to postpone laser hair removal.

Why Laser?

Laser epilation can be done on all skin areas. Armpits and bikini zone are the most popular choices for hair removal of this type: hair that grows in those areas is usually coarse and very dark. Shaving can cause irritation of delicate skin parts, and other epilation methods are very painful. At the same time, laser epilation is more effective and less traumatic for skin than all of them.

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