Where to Get Reliable and Safe WordPress Themes

So, you have decided to start a new website at WordPress and now are surfing the web looking for a good theme. The number of themes for WordPress is incredible. Each day, they invent something new and amazing. Still, you should know well that not everything that is available for free is good enough. If you have found a resource filled with the newest themes that are offered for free, you should stop and think for a while. The price you pay for everything downloaded without any charge from the Internet can be dangerous for your computer and business. There are two things that are worth keeping in mind: 1) you should not download themes from unchecked resources, 2) free and safe themes are available only at official resources.

Checked vs. Strange

Today, the directory of the official WordPress website contains about 1,600 themes, and it is not very easy to get there. The matter is that a special crew checks themes to match standards such as safety, suitability for all browsers, licensing, and so on. In case the author of a theme cannot pass this check, the new theme appears in his or her blog or another side resource. Such themes can expose your website to a serious risk, so you should avoid downloading them.

How to Check Reliability

One of the best wordpress themesBesides that, there are many strange resources that offer you the ability to download some WordPress themes from their websites. In most cases, these are copies of templates that are stored in the main directory (or themes that have not passed the checking), but they have certain amendments. For example, they can contain encoded (visible or invisible) links to other websites or, at worst, viruses. That is, if you are looking for a free WordPress theme and have already found some, check them at the official resource.

What about Plugins?

There is no plugin checking, unfortunately, but they conduct regular testing of all displayed plugins. Those that are found to be hazardous are removed at once. The story is the same with themes; other resources can give the link to files available for downloading, but instead of the file, you will most likely receive a virus or a link to their websites.

Premium themes are somewhat different. Because WordPress is a noncommercial project, there are no paid-for accounts at it. Yet, there are companies that offer paid-for premium themes together with maintenance services. In this light, you should be careful dealing with free “premium” themes.

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