Secrets of Horizontal Directional Drilling

Modern people become more eco-conscious every day. It seems that humanity has finally realized just how hard Mother Nature has suffered in our hands. This is why implementing eco-friendly technologies is widely encouraged in all industries. Nowadays, even drilling is done in a way that should disturb the environment as little as possible.

In order to make this possible, different directional drilling technologies and equipment have been created. Horizontal directional drilling is currently the most popular method that is used by major companies all over the world.

This type of drilling is often used for resource extraction. It allows people to reach mineral deposits without disturbing the surrounding area.  Mud motors are one of the most important tools used in horizontal directional drilling. This type of equipment can be quite tricky to handle. Therefore, experienced constructors came up with some suggestions that can be used to maintain the efficiency of these motors.

Earth auger drillingThese “secrets of the trade” are made public today. So, you can study them to make a better use of your equipment.

  1. First of all you should avoid stalling the motor at all costs. This can cause serious damage to the both motor and pump. The reason for stalling can be increased thrust that occurs during the contact with rock.
  2. Abrasives can also become extremely dangerous to the motor. This is why you should keep all the screens clean and inspect them regularly. Damage from abrasives will significantly reduce the motor’s effectiveness.
  3. Maintenance is the key. You should check the motor carefully at least once a week. In a perfect case scenario, regular maintenance procedures should be done after every 100 hours of the motor’s work. Some people disregard these requirements because of their budget or deadlines. However, this can result in the motor damage. If such a thing occurs, you would have to stop all the works for a while and spend a lot of money on repairs.

Business is all about taking risks. However, sometimes projects fail regardless of how much we try to prevent this. If this happens, people often try to reduce their costs in every possible way and cut down on maintenance and other necessary things that allow keeping their equipment in good shape. This may result in accidents and serious damage. However, even if the project seems unprofitable, you have a better chance of turning the tables by implementing effective practices that aim to increase productivity.

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