Corrective Lingerie: True Functions and Odd Myths

There is no woman that is absolutely in love with all proportions of her body. Girls who look like catwalk models dream about more tempting shapes, and owners of curvy figures look for ways to lose weight. This search for the happy medium has lasted for centuries.

Ways to Reach Perfection

Depending on the current fashion, women try to meet its demands. There are different ways to reach the abstract perfection. Some involve extra-strict diets, others – doubtfully effective food supplements, which can do more harm than good. Doctors and specialists in women’s lingerie recommend quitting these harmful experiments with health and turning attention to corrective lingerie. This is said to be a very effective way to correct the body in a gradual way.

The Effect of Corrective Lingerie

Woman in lingerieHigh-quality corrective lingerie produced by reputable companies like Modeladores Yoga and others provide a slimming effect at once after putting it on. A properly chosen item can make a bust look curvier and create a perfect waistline. It is not possible to lose five sizes at once, but the fact that a woman’s shape will become more elegant is evident. Corrective lingerie can improve a woman’s posture, prevent radiculitis and rheumatism, and reduce cellulitis and stretch marks after a pregnancy. Worn regularly, corrective lingerie can help a woman to lose weight, lift breasts and buttocks, making them firmer. As statistics show, women who wear corrective tights and lingerie have varicose veins and breast cancer less often than those who do not wear these garments.

Myths Connected to This Lingerie

There are certain myths connected to corrective lingerie as a whole. Some women are sure that this lingerie will hold their bodies like a corset; others think that corrective lingerie works like bondage that weakens muscles until a complete atrophy. All these myths are far from the truth. Maybe, years ago, when technologies were not as well-developed as they are now, corrective lingerie would do such things. Today, being made out of the best elastic fabrics and materials that involve the newest synthetic fibers, corrective lingerie can even have a therapeutic effect. Special technologies used in production of such lingerie make the fabric extra elastic and give it the ability of causing zonal pressure. It means that when this fabric contacts a woman’s skin, it increases circulation in certain places. The circulation saturates muscles with oxygen, making them toned up and more flexible. This effect provides a sense of lightness in the whole body. Of course, this is not an alternative to fitness, but such lingerie can have its own positive effect.

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