Home-Made Remedies for Tinea Versicolor

Tinea versicolor is an unpleasant but not a dangerous condition. Most people affected by it don’t even know it unless they notice unevenly tanned patches of skin. Tinea versicolor is a form of ringworm that is caused by yeast. This fungus can be found on every person’s skin, but it only becomes active when several factors, like stress and improper nutrition, combine and lead to the weakening of a person’s immune system. At least, that is what the doctors believe to be the case. According to the recently announced results of some medical studies, there can be more than one reason for the occurrence of tinea versicolor.

Some dermatologists believe that this condition is mainly influenced by internal factors, like the level of a person’s immunity. Others state that main reasons for the yeast’s growth are humidity and exposure to sunlight. However, the only thing on which they all agree is that tinea versicolor isn’t contagious and doesn’t threaten a person’s overall health.

Tinea Versicolor on skinIn most cases, people are advised to treat it by home-made remedies or over-the-counter medications. You can easily find a lot of information about the available cures for this condition online.

Most people prefer using natural treatment for tinea versicolor. This is quite cheap and these remedies usually have no side effects. The best thing about home-made medications is that they can be made of things usually found in your kitchen or a nearby store.

Here are some examples of these remedies:

  • Vinegar. Indeed, ordinary vinegar that can be found in almost every kitchen has been used as an effective anti-fungal treatment by people since ancient times. Our ancestors have been extremely good in studying the healing properties of the products that they used in everyday life. And we are lucky that they left us many of their recipes. In order to fight tinea versicolor, people should dip a clean towel in a bowl filled with distilled vinegar and rub the affected areas on their skin. Then, let it dry naturally, and in a few days you will see some positive results.
  • Mustard seeds. Apply some paste made of mustard seeds powder and warm water on the affected skin and leave it for about 30 minutes. This way you can cure ringworm in under a week. At least, this is what some fans of natural treatments say.

All in all, there are dozens of tinea versicolor cures available nowadays. And almost all of them can be effective.

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