Types of Epilation Means and Their Effectiveness

Women of today are used to getting rid of unwanted hair on their bodies as to a regular hygienic procedure. Hair can grow on thighs and calves, in armpits and the so-called bikini zone; sometimes women need to remove hair that grows on their forearms and faces. There is such a disease, called hirsutism, when women suffer from unwanted hair on faces and even on their breasts, around nipples. This is a hormonal trouble that makes their body hair grow in a masculine way. This disease often shows up in acne and loss of hair on head, also in a masculine way.

Traditional Ways

Woman doing epilationThere are many tools and ways to remove this hair, and as some of them prove ineffectiveness, there are more and more new ones. One of the most ancient ways of getting rid of body hair is removing it with the help of wax, but this method is quite painful and is not suitable for those women whose skin is very delicate. Besides that, sometimes men also want to reduce the hair coat their bodies have, and this way is absolutely impossible for them. The main method men use is a simple shaver that removes their facial hair, too. After such procedures, hair starts to grow immediately and instead of a smooth skin, there is a bristly brush. It is also possible to use special creams that provide a more lasting effect than shaving, and electric epilators. The latter ones are able to both shave and remove hairs together with their follicles. It is rather painful, but the result stays for two weeks to a month.

Laser Effects

The most effective way to remove unwanted hair is laser epilation as that provided by Tropicalaser Long Island and many other salons in numerous localities. This is the quickest way to say goodbye to almost all unwanted hair. It is necessary to have three to five sessions during several months to get rid of the unwanted body and facial hair for good. Such a long time depends on the way hair follicles can restore themselves. After the first session, 70% of hair will recover. The follicles will not be in a proper condition for a fast growth, but hair can keep on growing.  That is why such procedures need to be conducted for a few times.

Important Details to Remember

There are certain conditions for this technology. The best option for removing hair is fair skin and dark hair: laser radiance affects the pigment melanin. Laser epilation on dark types of skin are more risky: there can be burns. Yet, new techniques are being developed today to achieve better results for fair and red hair, too.

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