The Most Preferable Fabrics for Bed Linen

Bed linen is one of the things that make sleeping comfortable. It is usually made out of high-quality and mainly natural fabrics that do not cause allergies. Today, it is very popular to decorate bed linen with bright patterns and dye it with amazing unusual colors. It is very important to choose this linen of the best quality because some cheap sets can leave their dye on the skin of its users.

Silk and Satin

Among the most popular fabrics for bed linen of the highest class are satin and silk. Natural silk is the most expensive among all natural fibers. It provides lightness and smoothness of the fabric and makes it extremely pleasant to touch. That is why bed linen made of silk is a choice for very special occasions. Satin is made out of silken and semi-silken fibers together. It is a bit thicker than pure silk. This fabric possesses a brilliant sheen and is also used for women’s dressing gowns and lingerie. These materials convey all colors and lines of patterns very precisely. They are delicate and need special care.

Polycotton as a Hygienic Option

The most demanded fabric for everyday bed linen is polycotton. It is made out of 58% of cotton and 42% of polyester fibers mixed together. It is durable to active usage and does not need any special care. It can be colored with any dye, patterns usually do not wash away. This fabric is highly hygienic due to its natural fibers. It is also effective in regulating the temperature and humidity in the bed.

Natural Cotton and Flax

Different types of bed linen fabricsBed linen made out of natural cotton and flax fibers is usually rather expensive. It is the most hygroscopic linen above all. It is recommended to use such bed sheets in summer, during the highest heat. Flax is also able to give the fabric a quality of being cool to touch even if the temperature is very high. More information about the most popular and used materials for making bed linen users can find online, at special websites. Retailers often post such information together with catalogues of their products.

Bamboo Sheets

Sometimes, it is possible to discover something absolutely new on the web. For example, customers grow more and more interested in the modern bamboo fibers used to produce cloth. This natural material is said to have extremely positive features: it does not cause allergies, is hygienic, ecologic and durable in usage. Sets of bed linen made out of these bamboo fibers can be found now on the web offered by many retailers.

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