How to Treat 2 Phases of Bipolar Disorder

These days, there are many patients who suffer from bipolar disorder that can bring a lot of inconveniences in their lives. That’s why they need to know how to treat this disease that has 2 phases: depression and mania. People should be aware that the treatment of these phases is not the same.

Common Medications

The right type of treatment of mania usually depends on its acuity and severity. If someone is experiencing moderate symptoms, he/she should take different mood stabilizers, such as lithium and Valproate. However, these drugs have only short-term effects that last around 2 weeks. There are many recent studies that can prove the effectiveness of some atypical antipsychotics, like olanzapine, risperidone and quetiapine. It means that doctors can prescribe such medications to treat bipolar disorder as well.

In general, the usage of these drugs is safe, but they have several side effects, such as: vomiting, nausea, dizziness, tremors, and so on. There are more serious effects that can be caused by such medications, and they include: liver dysfunction, renal and thyroid problems, increases risk of diabetes, pancreatitis, and high cholesterol levels. Only a few patients usually experience such symptoms. This is where people need to make blood tests on a regular basis to monitor such abnormalities.

Depressive Phases

Six different pillsBesides, patients also need to be aware of available medications that can help them during depressive phases. It is still required to take some effective mood stabilizers, such as lithium. Doctors need to make sure that such drugs have only a therapeutic effect, so they should adjust the dosage. In those cases when depressions are very severe, there is a necessity to use effective antidepressants, such as bupropion. It is forbidden to take these medications for a long time. When is it necessary to discontinue all of these drugs? Patients must take these medicines that are prescribed by their doctors at least for several months.

This is required not to stop taking such drugs in order to prevent reoccurrence of 2 phases of bipolar disorder and their main symptoms. Patients and their doctors should discuss all pros and cons of using this or that medication before starting to take it. People need to be aware of possible results and side effects. In addition, those individuals who suffer from bipolar disorder must undergo a special therapy as well. That’s because only a combination of medications and therapies can be the most effective treatment.

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