How to Choose a Bra?

Woman in lingerieThe fashion industry forges ahead. People (especially women) are becoming more and more concerned with their look completely ignoring the “comfort” issue. Speaking about lingerie, a woman would rather give preference to a push-up camo bra or to an embroidered lace bra rather than less sexy but comfortable one. Specialists warn that a wrong bra size could bring harm to the breasts as well as cause other health problems. Neither a bigger, nor a smaller size of a bra is good for woman’s health.

How to Choose the Correct Bra Size?

Statistics show that 2 out of 10 women wear the correct bra size. The rest 8 women are even unaware of this fact. Also, this problem has always caused many arguments between the scientists and designers. And there is a question: “How to choose a suitable bra size?” There are several approaches of how to personally calculate own cup size and the most popular is listed below.

Before making any measurements put on your favorite bra that makes you feel comfortable. There is a special formula to determine the correct bra cup size, in particular: a cup size = measurement of the breasts at their fullest part – underbust circumference. The next step is to add 4 (to an even number) or 5 (to an uneven number) to the obtained result and find your cup size in the chart below.



Cup Size

0 -3.81


3.81 – 6.35


6.35 – 8.89


8.89 – 11.43


11.43 – 13.97


13.97 – 16.51


16.51 – 19.05


But this easy calculation shall not guarantee a perfect look. Every woman is different and a bra is to be chosen according to her size and forms. For example, it’s not recommended for a woman who wears a B cup to buy minimizer bras as they are designed for women with cups D and above. In its turn a padded bra or a push-up bra is a great option for a lady with small breasts to give them a fuller shape. That is why women are recommended to consult a specialist/sales manager who can advise on a correct and what is more important comfortable choice.

If to know these small nuances, any woman can buy either a camo bra, or a string bra, or an underwire bra and look perfect and beautiful in it at all times.

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