Ways to Treat Greasy Hair and Cope with Scalp Acne

you can get acne everywhere on your bodyWhen a person has a greasy scalp skin and oily hair, he or she washes the head every day or even more often. Of course, the greasy surface needs to be cleaned from the excessive sebum that makes hair look lank and untidy, but the often degreasing makes the sebaceous glands work in the enforced regime. As a result, the more often one is washing the head, the more sebum is produced. Besides that, for the short moment after the washing the skin stays vulnerable for all the bacteria and fungi that can be found in the environment. Due to this fact it is quite possible that the scalp will respond with a rush of pustules.

Reasons for Greasiness

In order to achieve the better result, this is necessary to find out, what the reason for the overproduction of sebum is and how to cope with it in an effective way. For instance, such a way of working of sebaceous glands can be caused by too much sweet or spicy food, by nervous stresses and a bad ecologic situation. There are remedies that can both cope with the pimples on one’s scalp and regulate the work of sebaceous glands making them act in the normal way, like, for example, a zinc shampoo, but all those remedies should better be prescribed by a doctor.

Choosing Shampoos Correctly

In some cases the pimples can be caused by components of shampoos, especially if they are chosen without any attention to the type of skin. Some people tend to think that if they will use shampoos for dry hair, they will have dry hair in the end. Though, it is not true, and the oily head will become even worse due to the oils that are in the shampoo. In case the pimples cannot be found in any other places of the body, the problem is only in the hair care agents that should be replaced with more natural ones or a special zinc shampoo and it is better to try to wash one’s head not more often than once in two or three days.

In case the pimples on the head are not alone and there is some rush on one’s chest, back or face where the sebaceous glands are the biggest, it is necessary to have the skin tested in order to exclude demodecosis. If such probes are clean, the problem is somewhere deeper and should be discovered by a doctor.

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