Some Steps of the ICD-10 Preparation

The changes in the healthcare field are gradually coming closer. Therefore all the medical instances are actively preparing for the ICD-10 using. When the October 2013 will come, all of them should be already switched to the mentioned coding. It’s quite a continuous and difficult process, though it seems that there’s a lot of time. Basically, all the HIPAA transactions should be done in the ICD-10 coding before the mentioned date. Indeed, the electronic health care transactions will be also switched to the Version 5010, as it is suitable for the new coding. However, there’re some reasons to begin the preparing as soon as possible.

ICD-10 ImageUnfortunately, not every worker of the medical field can imagine the dimensions of the changes that will apparently influence every medic’s well-being. So, this means that it’s necessary to be ready to these global changes. Likewise, the providers that won’t be prepared for using only the ICD-10 will suffer from this fact definitely very much. They will actually face such non-pleasurable things as rejected claims or even delayed reimbursements. On the other hand, the payers will also suffer in case of bad preparation for the new coding. This will include the dramatic increasing of the customer service issues and diverse support calls. As you can see, it’s better to join the ICD-10 Training anyway.

The exact process includes many parts. The first one is the whole analysis of your medical structure. With the help of this step you can also find out some vulnerabilities of your structure and receive the ability to improve it. Then, don’t forget to contact your software vendor. He or she will provide you with the information, which has to do with the electronic support of the whole structure. Actually, you need to find out whether the software is upgraded enough, apparently, to use the ICD-10 coding.

Next, it’s necessary to inform your partners, such as the billing service, clearinghouses and payers. They should be aware of the new changes in your structure. In this case, they will assess you as a reliable partner and, likewise, you will avoid any embarrassing situations.

Finally, it’s necessary to conduct the staff training. Basically, your staff will directly work with it, so if you want to avoid any troubles with your workers, it’s better to sign up the whole staff for the ICD-10 training. This is apparently the last, but very important step.

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