Jeep: The History of the Legend

every jeep vehicle has a unique storyQuestion One: The Start

The first Jeep vehicle is considered to be the one designed by the American Bantam Corporation in 1940. It could carry a quarter of a ton load and had an open body. The design has been reworked in accordance to requirements of the US Army by the Willys-Overland Co. and Ford Motor Co. and became the main vehicle used by the US Army and the Allies. Over 51 thousand vehicles were sent to the USSR in the framework of the Lend Lease Act.

The origin of the name of the off-road arouses numerous disputes even today. According to the most famous legend, it originates from the GPW abbreviation, where “G” means “government order”, “P” indicates a vehicle with the wheelbase up to 80 inches wide, “W” means “Willys Type”.

Question Two: The Rise

After WWII, the Willys-Overland Co. management met a decision to re-design their military-developed off-road for some civil purposes. Thus, a trial consignment of cars was manufactured. These vehicles received a CJ (“Civilian Jeep”) index. Thus, they became prototypes for a stock car, which saw the market in August 1945. From the external point of view, vehicle’s “civil” features were: a drop back side, a windshield wiper and a fuel tank cover on the rear fender…

The Willys-Overland Co. was the first to introduce a civil rear-drive vehicle, which could give place to seven people, in 1946. The four-wheel drive vehicle, which gave birth to the Jeep Grand Cherokee in the future, appeared in 1949.

The most important time for the history of the Jeep was 1960s: this period has faced forming of the SUV class and the increase of the demand for it. Yet in 1950s the company designed the AWD line. The first result of the research to appear was the Jeep Wagoneer, which could be fitted with AWD as well as the partial drive.

The 1970s gave birth to a new offspring of off-roaders — the Cherokee Jeep. This model remains popular until the present day.

Question Three: The Future

Today the Jeep is one of the most renowned car brands. New lines and models of the vehicle appear, different 4×4 accessories are offered to make the car look unique and be more reliable — this all promises the brand a wide recognition in the present and glory and respect in the future. In some widely-spoken world languages the name of the brand became a common noun used for naming of all off-roaders.

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