Important Facts about Hip Recall and Whom It May Concern

restore the health of your feetThere are different types of surgery, which are diversely complicated. Some of them require very precise skills of surgeons, and others, which foresee implanting artificial organs, joints or bones, need as well the high quality implants. There were cases when patients found out that the implants they had after a surgery were outrageously low-quality or unsuitable. In some situations it was discovered that surgeons used materials that are no way compatible with human bodies and have nothing to do with medicine.

DePuy Lawsuits

Though, the recent news reports are telling about the numerous lawsuits concerning the DePuy Hip Recall. In this case patients have discovered that they were implanted artificial hip prostheses a long time after the operations. However, this was not connected to the negligence of the company. They have always declared their careful attention to the health and wellbeing of their patients. The main issue in this case was the fact that two of their systems for hip replacement named ASR had a range of defects that showed up several years after the patients were operated.

Some Figures

In accordance to the survey, in five years after the surgery 12% of patients that endured surface hip replacement and 13% of those who had a total hip replacement with systems made by ASR need revision operations due to utter discomfort and pain that was caused by the implants.Such figures mean a lot, and it was not possible to refuse the fault. This is why started by the company DePuy Hip Recall process was voluntary and all the patients that were operated in order to install one of those systems could turn to the company in order to be examined.

Who Needs the Hip Recall

In this regard, every patient that was operated later than 2003 (when the systems were taken for the implantation) and that is aware of the ASR system installed as a result of the operation, needs to turn to the DePuy company and have an additional examination that will check the way the prosthesis is functioning. In case something is wrong, it is possible that the patient will have to undergo the necessary revision surgery. The company is into making up with all the expenses patients have starting from the surgery providing it is required and ending with traffic expenses in case there are no complications and the system is functioning. There are numerous people that have such systems implanted and experience no problems though it is always better to check everything and be sure.

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