A Perfect Garment for Active People: Skateboarding Denim

One of the main jeans news of this summer is the fact that Levi’s brand has joined another famous brand Nike in creating a good and reliable garment for those who are fond of street sports. Levis have proved that jeans can be a kind of sports clothes, too, and though the fruits of the joint efforts are to be worn by skateboard lovers, they will be civil enough and very stylish, so even those who have nothing to do with any sports, will be able to wear them and feel comfortable.

introduce high performance denim for skateboardingThe Results of a Unity

As this was noted by a representative of the united brands, the new line of clothes will combine the best inventions of both companies. The sporty researches of one combined with the classical and always fashionable design from the second, special materials and fibers, thoroughly thought-over cuts and tailoring along with the fashionable skinny look will be great for anyone who wants to be stylish even doing sports.

Some Footwear

Together with that, there was an idea of renovation of skateboarding sneakers. Therefore levis and Nike have involved a famous skateboard racer Omar Salazar and took his special sneakers as a basis. After all the researches and experiments, there appeared rather expensive shoes that are, nevertheless, probably the most elaborate ones for such active sports as skateboarding. They come along with a special set of tools that are necessary for any skateboard user providing something gets broken down. In order to promote the new stuff, levis have filmed an ad, in which Salazar does fantastic things, and of course, wears the clothes from the newest collection.

The Main Types of Innovations

In accordance to the promotional statements, there will be several kinds of jeans crafted and manufactured especially for those who love skateboarding. They will have different cuts and will be produced of several types of fabrics. The fabrics will be processed in different ways that will make them suitable for various kinds of activity and for making diverse tricks with one’s skateboard. Besides the pants, the brands have also promised to produce jackets made of the same fabric and with the same idea of movement, and an extra pair of sneakers in addition to those, which were promoted by Salazar.

Such good news from the duet of levis and Nike cannot be sad for their lovers and those who are so very fond of the street sports, skateboarding and leading an active kind of life.

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